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who wants to move to portland with me?

Portland’s almost an alternative universe.  It’s like Gore won.  The Bush administration never happened.

In Portland you can put a bird on something and just call it art.

In Portland you can go to, like, a record store and sell your CDs.

In Portland, it’s almost like cars don’t exist.
They’ll ride bikes, or double-decker bikes.  They ride unicycles.
They ride the tram, they ride skateboards.

Remember when people were content to be un-ambitious?  They’d sleep ‘til 11:00, and just hang out with their friends?  I mean, they had no occupations, whatsoever… maybe working a couple hours a week at a coffee shop?

You thought that died out a long time ago.
Not in Portland.  Portland is a city where young people go to retire.


–from season 1, episode 1 of Portlandia, The Dream of the 90s” (click to see the music video)



3 comments on “who wants to move to portland with me?

  1. Come to Kingston, WA and buy a five acre farm

    • traci
      July 18, 2014

      Wow–absolutely beautiful photos. Looks like an ideal place to live. We’ll definitely have to check it out when we visit the Pacific Northwest this fall.

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