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notes from a creative writing PhD candidate

poll: kerouac favorites

It’s a difficult question: If you had to choose your favorite Kerouac book, what would it be?  & Why?

I haven’t read all of his works, but I’ve devoured, multiple times, the following:

On the Road / The Dharma Bums / The Subterraneans / Lonesome Traveler / Big Sur

My favorite?  The Dharma Bums, by far.  Japhy Ryder is one of the most enigmatic characters I’ve ever read, one of those figures that you wish existed in real life and not just on the page.  (Well, Japhy was based off the “zen lunatic” Gary Snyder, but we all know Kerouac took a few liberties with his characters based on real people.)  I want to dance in his hut, look at his books, go hiking with him; I could do without the yab-yum parties, though.


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